We Inspire Youth

Mission Statement:  Dedicated to providing a safe environment where our youth are inspired to learn, experience, and achieve beyond limitations
We focus on the overall growth of the individual youth.  Promote Academic Preparation, Personal Growth, Cultural and Civic Awareness by providing various exposure and enrichment opportunities.
Under the umbrella of the Kennesaw Dream Foundation

2018 Summer Program

The Bill Thrash Kennesaw Teen Center is proud to present our Annual Summer Program! The Summer Program offers a unique summer camp for students ages 13 through 16 focusing on leadership, team building, self-improvement, and more!

Click the link to download your application, fill it out, then email back to our office.

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Intellectual Development

The summer camp will include Academic Enrichment in the areas of S.T.E.M, Arts, Entertainment, Community Service, Cultural Awareness, and Personal Growth

Idea Generation

Join us for a fun Summer Program! Field Trip Fridays!!! Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided.


Field trips that are fun and will be inspiring

Great Price

Enrollment Fee is $35. Weekly Tuition Fee is $25 for the 7 week program. That’s $210 for a Summer of Fun and Personal Enrichment!!!

There’s lots of fun to be had!

Below is what our students have to say about us.


    Anita Hutchins
  • I hear they are doing great work with the teens in Kennesaw!

    Shelly Browne
  • Mrs Akela and staff are the best team ever! We are thankful!

    Author Corrine Knight
  • Kennesaw Teen Center is a great place to have your teens. We are open Monday-Wednesday 3:30-7pm and our summer Days/ Hours are Monday-Wednesday 10am-3pm, with a snack and lunch. Cost is $50 registration fee for June and $50 for July. Applications are ready. Hurry before we are full!!

    Akella Cook Clore
  • The Education Here is Amazing. Professor are very helpful .Thank you for  my degree. I use it for several of the reasons other people mention. My favorite use, however, is deciding where my work colleagues and I will go to lunch every Thursday. This thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it.

    Harry Superbrain